Drawing Inspiration with ANYINNO Art Markers: What’s in Your Fridge?

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Have you ever sat in front of your sketchbook staring at a blank page waiting for inspiration to strike? While creative blocks are pesty little things, they’re bound to happen from time to time. Here at ANYINNO, we know how frustrating it can feel and want to help you get back on track. All you need to do is stand up, walk to your kitchen, and open up your fridge. Are you ready for the next step? Let’s get started!

More now than ever, most of us are keeping our cupboards and fridges stocked up so that we can create delicious meals at home. Now that we’ve got you in the kitchen, we want to ask you one question: what’s in your fridge? While there are plenty of things to be found, today our sketchbook prompt is the tomato.

You see, tomatoes are not quite as boring as they seem. Red, purple, yellow – they come in many wonderful colors as well as shapes. With a little imagination and your ANYINNO alcohol markers, we will give this simple vegetable a makeover! 

Let’s take a look at our art supplies for today:

1) The first step is to sketch out all of the elements. This includes the body of the tomato as well as any steams or leaves it may have. Once you’re happy with your composition, trace your pencil lines using a fine line drawing pen and use cross-hatching to add texture and shadow to your tomato.


alcohol brush markers, alcohol-based dual tip art markers, artist alcohol markers, adults coloring and illustrations, alcohol based double tipped art markers

2) Now, that we have the basic shape down, it’s time for the fun part – color! Starting with number 49, begin filling parts of the tomato that you want to highlight. Don’t forget, when it comes to drawing with alcohol markers, we want to build our colors from light to dark so that we can layer and blend with ease. With that in mind, make sure to leave some white space to play around with later on.

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3) For our next layer, take out your ANYINNO alcohol marker colors 13 and 24. Now pause, take a look at your tomato and notice how the lighting makes some areas appear darker than others. With that in mind, start coloring in your shape to mimic what you see. If you have a stem or a leaf, use numbers 172 and 56 to add some green. When you have completed these two steps add some shadows by layering your drawing with the darker colors 22 and 43. This step will give your tomato more depth and make it pop off your page.

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For our final step, we are going to use the colors 22 and 97 to fill in our sliced tomato. To finish the whole piece off, take WG3 to add some shadows below and give it that 3D effect.

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And voila, that’s it! We hope you enjoyed this simple art project using our ANYINNO 80 colors dual tips alcohol-based art markers. What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Email us contact@anyinno.com or DM us @anyinnoart.